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Meet Allison

Licensed Professional Counselor

Allison Kase, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Allison works with children, teens and adults. She believes empathy, compassion and understanding form the foundation of therapy. Through this approach, clients feel empowered to become their own vehicle for change. She utilizes evidence-based therapies with a client-centered, and mindfulness approach. Most importantly, she views every client as deserving respect and acceptance. She provides a safe environment in which clients can heal, build self awareness and emerge from therapy as a more resilient, hopeful person.
Allison attended Vassar College and graduated with an Art History Degree which culminated in a thesis on Body Image Dysphoria.   Then she pursued a Counseling Psychology Master’s Degree from Loyola University of Chicago. She completed her Master’s Thesis on body image dysphoria differences in gay, bisexual and cis women. She interned and then worked with the University of Chicago’s Carl Rogers Institute.  After a few years of working in psychology, she delved into medical device sales for many years and then fulfilled her dream of owning her own business.
  In her free time, Allison practices piano, writes stories, and lifts weights.