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Meet Heidi

Heidi Arenberg, Therapist Intern

Heidi Arenberg

Therapist Intern

First and foremost, Heidi believes that therapy is for everyone, and caring for one’s mental wellness is just as crucial as caring for one’s physical being. Whether one wishes to alleviate life stressors, work on relationship issues, or address an ongoing struggle with anxiety or depression, she understands the importance of collaborating with clients in order to come up with the best way forward. 

Currently, Heidi is studying at Adler University in order to gain a degree in Couple and Family Therapy and a certificate in Sex Therapy. Though she is keen on working with couples, she would like to work with individuals as well, as she is interested in the complexity of the individual and the way each person is impacted by their relationships with others. That said, she believes that the foundation of a healthy relationship with another is a healthy relationship with oneself, and she strives to provide comfort to clients by helping them sit with heavy emotions and untangle complicated circumstances. With warmth, empathy, and humor, she is passionate about tackling issues involving self-esteem, life transitions, mood disorders, intimate relationships, and the unique experiences of adolescents and young adults. She honors one’s ability to rewrite their own story and is in constant admiration of the resilience of the human spirit. 

Outside of work and school, she loves trying out new restaurants in the city and spending time outdoors, preferably near water. She enjoys yoga, traveling, reading, and laughing. Admittedly, she is also a big fan of shopping for clothing she does not need.