Meet Jessica

Jessica Dearcangelis, Pre-Licensed Psychotherapist

Jessica Dearcangelis, Graduate Intern

Jessica Dearcangelis

Pre-Licensed Psychotherapist
“We experience unexpected periods of loss, confusion, and pain in our lives, and sometimes we need a hand to move through them. Many of my clients are facing major life transitions, experiencing depression and anxiety, and confronting existential questions. I support my clients with empathy and honest reflection as they identify and reclaim their strengths, break the patterns that have been troubling them, and make meaning of their lives. I work to create a genuine relationship with my clients where they can hone their self-awareness and learn skills they can carry with them beyond therapy.
I obtained my master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Northwestern University and bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Knox College. I am a forever student of the human experience and like to sing, bike, write, and wonder in my free time.”