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Meet Lucy

Lucy Atsaves

Lucy Atsaves

Pre-Licensed Counselor

Lucy Atsaves is a Pre-Licensed Psychotherapist who has many years of experience working in a variety of mental health settings.  She completed her bachelors in Psychology from DePaul University in 2008 and received her Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2015. 

Lucy specializes in working with adolescents and teenagers.  Having worked as a clinician within the child welfare system, Lucy has a unique experience and specialized set of skills to help children and their families navigate uncertainty and thrive in the process.

Lucy’s foundation in therapy is a client centered approach inclusive of unconditional positive regard, patience, and compassion which creates a safe environment for change.  Once Lucy establishes a collaborative therapeutic relationship with her clients she is able to provide support and validation needed to process anxiety, depression, and trauma. Lucy helps her clients understand their trauma and also identify triggers and appropriate coping skills.  Lucy utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and other evidence based practices to assist her clients with understanding how their trauma impacts their day to day living.

In her free time Lucy enjoys crafting as much as possible.  She can make soaps, lotions, candles, bath bombs, and even sew.  Reading is a nightly pastime and when the weather permits, she enjoys hiking.