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Meet Madeline

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Madeline McDonnell

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Madeline sees therapy as a step in a journey of self-discovery – a step that can be challenging, but so rewarding. As a therapist, Madeline works to cultivate a space where clients feel safe, supported, and accepted, so they can better understand themselves and their patterns to improve their relationships with themselves and others. Her approach to therapy is rooted in mindful self-compassion, partnering with clients to process their emotions, regulate their nervous systems, and work towards feeling less stuck and more connected.

Madeline received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University and her undergraduate degree in Healthcare Management from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She has experience working with couples and individual clients who are navigating anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, and life transitions. She has a background as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, incorporating mindfulness and somatic practices based on clients’ unique interests and needs.

Outside of therapy work, Madeline spends time cooking, both doing and teaching yoga and pilates, going for long walks outside, and thrift shopping for furniture while pretending she’s an HGTV designer.