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Meet Maureen

Maureen Zigulich

Pre-Licensed Therapist

Knowledge is power, which includes knowing yourself. Seeking therapy is a brave and honorable act for both you and your loved ones. What our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and body are communicating to us can be difficult to interpret. Maureen believes growth and healing come from allowing ourselves to listen to all of these facets, in addition to approaching life experiences with self awareness and acceptance. By creating a safe space where one can feel heard, understood and accepted, Maureen uses warmth and humor to aid her clients in exploring their depth to gain insight and find resiliency in the face of lifes’ hurdles. In her work, she practices evidence-based therapeutic modalities to ensure the most appropriate care for her clients. 

Maureen works with couples, adults, and teens and is passionate about supporting people who seek treatment for:

  • Romantic and non-romantic relationships

  • Eating disorders and other forms of self harm

  • LGBTQA+ individuals as they explore their identities

  • Toxic masculinity and femininity (society’s gender role assignments)

Maureen’s background as a collegiate athlete, marketing professional, fitness instructor and comedic writer lay a foundation for empathy with those who struggle with perfectionism, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and navigating life transitions.