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Sports Mindset Coaching for Athletes

Strengthening tools for the thoughtful teen and young adult competitor in Arlington Heights and beyond 



Are you getting in your own way when it’s time to compete?

Feeling like your fear of failure is holding back your performance?

50 minutes can change your game.

From a single session to a series of 2-3 mental workouts, sports mindset coaching is for teens in Arlington Heights and young adults everywhere who feel the pressure of high-performance athletics. These sessions will help you become a peak competitor and perform the way you want.

You may not be the problem when you find yourself getting stuck in frustrating thought patterns, but you can be the solution. 

 Sports mindset coaching for teens and young adults can help you re-write your competitive streak so your drive to achieve becomes a part of your goals instead of a barrier to achieving them.

We’ll work with you to become clear about who you are and what you want as you take charge of your life, on and off the field or court. 


Your power lies in connecting performance to perspective

We can help you get out of your own way and make the most of every moment instead of losing that energy to things like 

        • Negative thoughts 
        • Fear of Failure 
        • Fear of Injury
        • External Frustrations
        • Self-doubt
        • Anxiety 
        • Hesitation
        • Academics
        • Feeling off- balance

        What do you need? 

        Your peak performance isn’t about what’s worked for anyone else, and when we work together to transform your potential from the inside out, the focus is on you.

         Do you need your parents to support you in a different way, or to understand what your coach is asking of you without feeling like you’re starting a fight? Are you ready to rebel against the culture of perfection so tied to sport performance? Are you ready to step into your potential and remember why you love your sport? 

        From reframing negative thoughts to getting your head in the game, you don’t need to be told what you need. You already know. We’re here to help you find the tools to achieve it.

        What’s stopping you from getting it?

        Ever heard that saying about changing what you can and accepting what you can’t? Sports mindset coaching is kinda like that, but we’re not interested in telling you what you can’t control. That’s up to you to determine and we want to make sure you can do so with the support and strength that comes with advocating for yourself at home, in your community, and in your training. 

        You are the leader of your life and your potential. Sports mindset coaching is designed to support you in developing effective leadership skills to strengthen what you can and conserve energy where you can’t.

        Here's How We Can Help Sports Mindset Coaching supports you in the following ways:


        When you get stuck in your head with thoughts that are getting you down, it can be hard to talk about them. Really hard. 

        There’s nothing wrong with struggling with complicated mental gymnastics or not knowing how to talk about the pressures you’re facing. 

        From re-writing the self-talk that fuels your game to effectively communicating with your team, coaches, and family, sports mindset coaching teaches you the skill of communication that will elevate your performance on the field and off.

        Image of a male basketball coach and a female athlete demonstrating positive communication after participating in Sports Mindset Coaching.


        Your survival instinct is more powerful than any muscle group in your body, no matter how hard you train. Often called fight or flight, this reflex to protect yourself will outmaneuver even the most ingrained training. Fear or anxiety can send your body into autopilot and when it happens in the moments that you need to perform, you may find yourself freezing instead.  

        You know what to do, and you can’t do it. As you grow more frustrated, the freeze response only strengthens. You’re stuck and all the power you hold is out of reach.  
        Sports mindset coaching is the bridge to connect you to training and tools that will empower you to restart those systems and move through the fear. That’s the secret—no one is really ever completely unafraid. You do not need to eliminate fear. Learning how to feel fear as fuel will change the way you think.  

        Your mindset is a strength you can harness through mindful support.


        For out-of-state clients, we’re willing and able to use video footage to get a real-time understanding of what happens in the moment when you need support.



        Elite athlete culture demands perfection and makes no room for much else. Whether your entire team is counting on you, or you’re counting on yourself, the pressure is overwhelming to get it right every time—whatever the cost.

        Even success isn’t gonna stop you from grappling with the perfectionism woven into the athletic mentality. But that mentality isn’t helping you succeed.  

        Sports mindset coaching will work with you on figuring out where these thoughts come from and how you can use them to fuel your success so they don’t freeze you up when you’re in action.


        Being an athlete takes up a lot of your time and energy. Even when you’re not training, you’re planning, evaluating, preparing, or even just decompressing to rest your mind and body. It feels like there aren’t enough hours to give school the same emphasis you give sports. It can seem like success in one area equals stress in the other. 

        But you are more than your identity as an athlete, and mindset coaching will help you to bring your whole self into the moment. 

        Balance as an academic and an athlete means reaching for the stars without letting go of whatever grounds you and holding fast to the skills and tools that keep you in check. In sports mindset coaching, you’ll work toward finding balance between what you want and need and will set goals to help you find solid footing in all parts of your identity. The tools you learn in sports mindset coaching can help you achieve your ambitions without adding extra hours to your day. 

        With balance comes clarity, and this opportunity to reflect on who YOU are amid the expectations you shoulder in life might be exactly what you need. Sports Mindset coaching will allow you to take a breath and refocus on the passion that fuels your game so you show up ready to give it your all.

        Photo of college athlete working on homework and putting into practice the skills learned during sports mindset coaching.

        Intensity is your life… ready to step up your game through introspection instead?

        Meet Your Coaches


        Kate Schneider 

        About Your Chicago Based Sports Mindset Coach

        Stats are important to athletes, and we think Kate’s stats are pretty impressive. From sports consulting to sparking mindset strength, Kate is passionate about making sure you’re feeling connected and confident in yourself.

        An athlete and therapist, Kate believes in using every tool at her disposal to help you reach peak performance with relaxed confidence.

        Her passion for sports and counseling background is a winning combination for cultivating unshakeable mental strength in any athlete.

        Kate’s expertise can help you (Or your teen): 

        • Move past mental blocks 

        • Maintain Motivation 

        • Overcome fear 

        • Reach peak performance

        Kate’s been an athlete all her life- from basketball to marathons, she’s no stranger to putting in the work it takes to succeed. 

        Working with community youth and supporting young athletes helps Kate to feel empowered in her own ability to connect you with your growth edge.

        Contact her at


        John Camardella

        About Your Arlington Heights Based Sports Mindset Coach

        With an emphasis on love of the game and gratitude, John’s former players would be happy to tell you just how his stats stack up in their game (fast forward to 15:45 for the highlight reel of their feelings). Individually and as a coach, John’s passion shines for sport and successful growth.

        With 18 years of direct experience coaching elite athletes and a lifetime of love for sports and coaching, John’s mentoring will help your teen or young adult athlete succeed.

        His interest in young athletes as individuals and as members of the collective team inspires them to deepen their love for what they do and develop as players, teammates, and leaders.

        John’s passion for mentorship combined with his ability to engage and inspire young people is a winning combination that can help you (or your athlete) find your growth edge.

        John’s expertise can help you (Or your athlete): 

        • See conflict that’s affecting your confidence 
        • Achieve balance and discipline
        • Develop time management skills
        • Overcome feelings of overwhelm due to constant demands on your time and energy
        • Explore your identity beyond the court
        • Be a leader among peers and develop Self-leadership skills

        As a collegiate athlete, John’s accomplishments speak for himself both on and off the court as he led teams to the DIII Final Four & DIII Sweet Sixteen, and he was awarded recognition as team captain, MVP, and All-conference selection. 

        Off the court, John’s stats are just as impressive. John teaches two elective courses in religious studies at Prospect High School and works as an Education Fellow at Harvard Divinity School.

        Contact John at



        for a 50-minute session

        In 2-3 sports consulting sessions with one of our coaches, your athlete will walk away with the tools they need to feel confident about their game, stay in the moment, and deal with the pressures of being a high level athlete.

        Get connected with one of our coaches to schedule your teen or young adult’s Sports Mindset Coaching session in either the Chicago or Arlington Heights area!

        Call 312-324-4502 or email to schedule your appointment today!