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Meet Myron

Myron Nelson

Myron Nelson, LCPC

Clinical Director Psychotherapist

Myron holds a Masters degree in Counseling from Boston University. He primarily works with adults, especially those who feel misunderstood or are looking to make significant changes in their lives. He helps clients better understand why they feel what they feel, think what they think, and act how they act. The goal of his approach is self-awareness and purposeful change. Myron supports people through each stage of their progress, navigating the balance of being challenging and accepting. Myron enjoys helping clients create a healthy routine related to sleep, nutrition, and exercise, all of which are fundamental to mental health. He specializes in working with depression, race and identity development, men’s issues, and substance abuse.

Myron started his professional career working for nonprofit organizations and is committed to social change. He advocates for mental illness awareness and mental health treatment.  In his free time he enjoys taking in the culture of Chicago through shows, festivals, movies and museums.  He also likes to spend time outdoors, walking the streets of our city or out in nature.