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Teen Counseling


It’s hard to be a teen.

Especially today, especially in a world where there is so much uncertainty. Teens are among the forever-impacted generations affected by the pandemic.

Just like the rest of us, teens have not been sheltered from the relentless life changes thrust upon us in the past year. They’ve questioned the future just as much as we have— what does a return to in-person school look like? What about athletics? What about their future that was dependent on their sports scholarships? What about prom?

What about the memories they’re supposed to be making?

Teens have been forced to pay the cost in uncertainty, stress, and incredible, life-altering loss. It’s hard to know how this will affect them in the future. What we do know, is that teens are affected and struggling right now.

Parent of Teen Counseling

It’s hard to be the parent of a teen.

These teenage years are an essential time for self-discovery, identity formation, and social development.  Even pre-pandemic, with raging hormones, spiraling emotions, strained family relationships, and school pressures…is there a way to make it through this stage unscathed?

Most teenagers experience inner conflict, frustration, and doubt as they attempt to cope with peer relationships, school demands, difficult decisions, and complicated family dynamics.

Often they feel like they are alone or that no one understands them, intensifying the challenges they face and their sense of overwhelming stress, which we might eventually call depression or anxiety

During this age, adolescents may isolate themselves from their loved ones, making it challenging for families to connect or communicate their support.

Teens need to have an outlet, someone to talk to that they trust.

When your attempts to help don’t seem to be working,
turn to the experts in teen counseling.

How Can Counseling for Teens Help?

Counseling can help by giving your teenager a safe place to process through their emotions. Often times teenagers can feel alone, like they do not have a safe place to open up about their emotions.

We work with them to help create an environment that encourages growth while we address any issues that arise.

What Does Teen Counseling Look Like?

Teen counseling looks a lot like individual counseling. Adolescents will meet with an experienced therapist who works with teens each week to learn strategies to manage their stress.

If family sessions are needed, we will make sure to address this with you and set up a family session.

Here are some common signs that your teenager may benefit from counseling:

  1. They seem to be self-isolating from you and from their friends
  2. COVID stress, anxiety, and consistently worries about the future
  3. You notice more frequent anger outbursts or irritability
  4. Extended grief and sadness about losses, threats of self-harm
  5. Problems with school or increased defiance at home
  6. Trouble sleeping, low self-esteem, or other symptoms of depression

The Teen Years Are Tough . . . Let Us Help

Common Concerns About Starting Counseling

It makes sense that you or your teen are nervous about opening up, sharing family business with an outsider. However, counseling can be a great asset to your teen and family!

Your Concerns

During our intake session, our first meeting, we always like to include the parents to address any concerns you may have. It’s important to the therapeutic process to understand both your perspective and your teens’ to know what the challenges are.

Your Teen’s Concerns

Your teen may be nervous to talk to someone about their concerns, and that’s okay! As much as you can, normalize for them that many people seek counseling—it’s a sign of health— but it makes sense that they are nervous.

How Much Will I Be Involved?

Since this does involve minors, counseling for teens does need to include parental guardians and possibly additional family members. The level of involvement can be decided case by case as the teens are assessed for mental health concerns, and as we build a treatment plan.

When the whole family is involved, this allows us to understand the family dynamics much quicker and serves to help create a healthy environment outside of the therapy office where true change takes place.

Your participation in the process and willingness to connect them with the help that they need will speak volumes to your teen. It will help them know that you take their concerns seriously and are willing to be a part of the solution.

Our online platform makes it easy to schedule your first appointment, and our telehealth platform makes it easy to get connected with an experienced therapist who works with teens in either the Chicago or Arlington Heights area today!